3 Baby Trendy Clothes For Boys: FX Model Edition

by Cliqq Clothing on January 24, 2020
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This months blog feature was prompted by a recent Cliqq Clothing collaboration with Rita (one of our original Cliqq moms), her son FX (who the FX Camo is named after) and Numa Models. We get to know FX and Rita a little better and discuss the 3 baby trendy clothes that FX wore for his shoot.


          Hey Rita, tell us a little more about you.

My name is Rita and FX is my firstborn son. We recently welcomed VE (Veronica Eve) as a new addition to our family and we are beyond thrilled to be growing our family. We have been living in Okotoks, Alberta for 2 years. We are originally from Toronto, Ontario. 


Tell us your ‘Cliqqstory’. How did you first find out about Cliqq and what has your Cliqq journey been like so far?


I have been following the wonderful lady behind Cliqq, Esther, since starting FX's Instagram account. I was intrigued by her photos and then found out she was starting Cliqq Clothing. I am always looking for baby trendy clothes so I followed her on that journey.
So far, we have been a Cliqq mama and this is FX's second term repping for the company and the journey has been great. I love everything Cliqq has to offer as the quality is like no other. This is definitely something I take into consideration when shopping for my little one.  I must have washed the FX camo pants 100 times and they still look brand new. This speaks volumes about the company. 

What do you love most about your child and what's the funniest thing they have done?


What is there not to love? FX definitely has his own personality with traits of me and his dad mixed in - he is his dad's mini-me though. I love watching him grow each day and grow. The funniest thing he has started doing happened mid-August. If he does something he isn't supposed to and you ask him if he did it, he already says no and says "dog," blaming our poor 2 German Shepherds! It is too funny that we can't help but laugh when he does it with such a serious look on his face. 


What is your favorite Cliqq item and why?

Has got to be the FX Camo. It is exactly the style we try to dress FX in. His dad is a Canadian Forces Veteran who served in Afghanistan. Showing a bit of camo is a nice honour to him. 


Tell us about the photo shoot with Numa Models.

FX's photoshoot was such a fun day. His modelling company had taken photos of FX when he was 6 months old, so it was definitely time for an update. At first, FX was quite shy and did not like standing on the flooring they had him on. He kept right on running to me. By the second outfit, he was getting more comfortable. By the third outfit, he was definitely smiling and posing for the camera. At one point he even placed his hand in his pocket for a very relaxed, well beyond his years, look. By then, FX didn't want the shoot to end as he was having fun!


How did this collaboration come about and what are your plans/hopes for FX and his modelling career?

FX has been with Numa Models since he was 6 months old. He always had a very outgoing personality and was always camera ready. We were told by many people to get him into modelling and were referred to Numa by a friend. So far the experience has been great. As of now, we would love for him to get more work and publicity and will continue for as long as he loves it. 


Tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the 3 baby trendy clothes chosen for the shoot.

1. The first outfit was the FX camo and t-shirt. This look was a must because those camo pants are too cute not to share!
2. The second outfit was the Baby Boy 2pc Nautical Set. I had purchased this outfit for our upcoming cruise to Alaska. It is the perfect cruising outfit for kids and looks so great on.
3. The third outfit was a collaboration between us and Cliqq Clothing. Cliqq provided us with some choices and we narrowed down on the Liam Distressed Demin shirt and Kaleb Denim Jeans. At first, I wasn't sure how much I would like the shirt as when I think of Denim, I don't equate it with comfort for babies. I was wrong. It is such great quality, super soft and comfortable. 
                         2 baby trendy clothes for boys
All 3 looks were unique but all great choices for his rotating wardrobe. 
Additional Thoughts?
Are you accepting applications for more reps? Baby #2 is already interested, haha