5 Fun Mommy & Me Indoor Activities

by Cliqq Clothing on June 23, 2022

    5 fun Mommy and me indoor activities

Children learn and adopt healthy behaviors by modeling their parents, and taking inspiration from their activities and daily routines. Children closely watch their parents and readily embrace their hobbies, activities and interests.

Spending time with your little ones is the healthiest way to encourage them to embrace healthy hobbies and constructive habits. You can infect them with the reading bug by indulging in reading sessions, or introduce them to the best cinematic experiences that defined your childhood. 

Here, take a look at 5 amazingly fun mommy and me activities you can enjoy indoors:



  • Get Artsy & Crafty 

What could be better than an exciting arts and crafts session to encourage your little ones to express themselves with colors, shapes and textures? Arts are a vital part of the childhood learning process. 

Engaging in card-making projects and decorative crafts will help your daughter or son explore new perspectives and mediums to express themselves and let their creative juices flow. 

You can guys make an art bucket list filled with amazing projects, such as painting flower pots, making cards for Father’s Day, and making Christmas baskets for family and friends. 


  • Fancy Luncheons 

How about treating yourself to a restaurant-like experience without stepping outdoors? Here’s a plan for you and the kids to fix up a fancy luncheon and create an opulent five-star environment all by yourself. This activity is all about refining the finer details and getting your hands messy in the kitchen. 

When the lunch is cooked and ready, everyone must dress up in their finest luncheon-friendly attire before taking their place on the beautifully decorated table. Don’t hesitate to go overboard with salads, desserts and recipes. Take out your finest crockery and tableware, and create a rich assortment of colors, textures and delicacies.  


  • Gardening 

Gardening is a habit that requires patience, problem-solving skills and creativity. Teaching your children how to grow life is the most exciting and healthiest activity to inculcate powerful lessons that will last a lifetime. Learning how to tend to flowers, care for fruit-bearing plants and nurturing baby shrubs will bless your little ones with patience, compassion and the ability to nurture life. 


  • Playing Board Games 

Who doesn’t love board games? Here’s another way to help your children build problem-solving and strategizing skills with fun and interactive activities. You can pick any board game that is appropriate for their age. Scrabble and Monopoly are amazing options with a user-friendly game play and engaging storyline. 


  • Dancing Sessions 

Is your baby a budding dancer with rhythmic moves that could put Fred Astaire to shame? Dancing is a healthy activity that invigorates the body and the mind. Put on some music and dance the night away with a variety of hip hop, jazz and other genres. Teach your little ones how to rock their curves and sway to the beat. 



We sincerely hope you and your little ones have a blast enjoying these activities. Remember, it’s all about packing a lesson with a bold pop of fun and excitement!