5 Stylish Back to School Toddler Boy Styles

by Cliqq Clothing on February 06, 2020

Back to school baby and toddler clothing items are all about playful color palettes, versatile and functional styles with neat, symmetrical lines. We all want our little ones to look presentable and confident at school. Supporting them and encouraging their own sense of style is one of the most basic foundations of instilling confidence and self-esteem in our children.

We are here to help you scoop up toddler clothing items that will make your child feel confident and self-assured at school. In this exciting round-up, we have picked out some sassy athleisure statements and flattering apparel choices for your little one.

Here, take a look at our picks:

Blue Hoodie & Jogger Set

Here’s a quirky and sporty athleisure statement that will keep your little one warm and poised through the day. The blue hoodie is a style savvy statement that infuses comfort with a sassy athleisure appeal. This kids hoodie and jogger set is a ready-made outfit that requires no fuss. The geometric appeal and clear monotone color palette makes it stand out with its loud vibe. An excellent choice for a little boy who wants to take control of his fashion choices!

Black/Neon Hoodie & Jogger Set

The black/neon hoodie and jogger set is incredibly functional and versatile. It is the perfect go-to statement for a day out with friends and family. This stylish specimen of toddler clothing will allow your child to make smooth style transitions from school to play dates. It boosts an ultra-cozy and comfortable fabric, perfect for toddlers who are active and playful – like this is not synonymous with the word toddler.

Infant and Toddler Red Sweatsuit

Red is always an exciting color palette for little ones, and this baby and toddler clothing set is a super functional investment. On days you are struggling to get your child out of bed for school, creating a fun outfit may prove to be an even greater struggle. With this one-piece Sweatsuit and its appealing color palette, you wouldn’t have to try too hard. Your kid will love it!

Limited Edition Hoodie & Black Toddler Jeans

The limited-edition hoodie is a charming apparel choice for baby and toddler clothing. It exudes a style-savvy vibe with its fine tailoring and neutral color palette. It is an outwear staple that would work well with anything and everything, while black jeans are ideal to complement its neutral hues. It is an excellent investment for parents who fear compromising their toddler’s style to ensure comfort and coziness. This sassy athleisure hoodie infuses comfort and warmth with a playful statement.

Kid’s Camo Jacket and Blue Jeans

This dashing kids camouflage jacket is a prime investment to brim up your little one with self-confidence and a poised sense of style. It exudes a style-savvy appeal with its puffy tailoring and dashing color palette. This is a toddler clothing investment that will put an end to all your worries about chilly winds and cold weather. It will keep your little one warm and cozy, without compromising their style savviness. When paired with blue jeans, the jacket looks all the more stylish and charming- back to school outfits for kids doesn’t get any better than this!