Cristina Fink: Balancing Momlife & A Busy Schedule

by Cliqq Clothing on November 03, 2019
                                     Balancing Momlife and busy schedule


My ‘Cliqqstory’


I first found out about Cliqq when my kids modeled for them. It has been so cool seeing Esther work hard and grow her company from the ground up. It's been fun having my kids be a part of this brand.



What do you love most about your child and what's the funniest thing they have done?


Ethan is so sweet and kind hearted. I love that Maddie is so sassy and is a prankster. She's always saying things or pulling jokes to make us laugh. I love that Aubrey is always just so happy.


I can't think of a specific funniest moment but they are always doing something hilarious. With the three there really never is a dull moment.




What are your favorite Cliqq item(s) and why?


Right now my absolute favorite is the Willow faux fur vest. Another favorite is the Harper warm up suit.





As a mom with a child in the film/fashion/entertainment industry what do you love most about it?


It's so much fun having my kids in fashion and entertainment. Ethan has a big animated personality so acting is great for him. Maddie loves fashion so modeling is a perfect fit for her.



The most challenging thing would be time management. We have weeks sometimes where everyone is booked up and we are running around to fittings, photoshoots, sets, and castings. Just getting through the door we are building reputation and relationships with some of these people so we can't cancel or re book things. As a parent it can be hectic but it's worth it. Luckily my kids love it and go with the flow of things.




What mommy and me item would you rock?


Matching t-shirts are so cute. Certain tops and matching color schemes are adorable as well.




Whats your favorite children’s accessory and why?


Of course having girls my favorite accessory is hair bows !




Anything else you’d like to add about children’s fashion, Cliqq or motherhood?


As everyone knows motherhood is exhausting. I love the saying " chose your battles wisely". One thing I try not to make a big fuss over is my kids outfits. They are all very opinionated and letting them choose their own outfits helps them express their creativity and personalities. Sometimes though their outfits get too wacky and I have to put my foot down. Cliqq outfits are trendy and cute. So no matter what they want to wear they will look cute and put together.





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