Momlife and Fashion - Featuring Amy Gale

by Cliqq Clothing on July 09, 2019

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Amy is a boy mom based in the UK. She loves wearing matching outfits with her son Roman and has a great sense of style!

What does being a mom mean to you? 

As most will agree it’s exhausting but 100% amazing! I genuinely can’t remember my life without him! Every day brings its own challenges but I just love making memories and watching my boy grow. 

What’s a staple in your child’s closet/wardrobe?

Being a boy it’s got to be jeans! He’s got so many gorgeous tees and shirts that I just pair with jeans every day!

What first attracted you to Cliqq and what’s your favorite in-store Cliqq item? 

Has to be the limited edition khaki bomber ! Roman wears it nearly every day as it’s just so smart but can be dressed down to suit his casual jeans and tee style! 

What’s your favorite thing about dressing your child? 

My favorite thing about dressing roman? I love trying to match with him! It’s amazing what mummy and son matching items are available now! I also love finding unusual patterns and slogan tops.

What’s the funniest thing you can remember your child(ren) doing?

He honestly makes me laugh every day, he’s so cheeky! He’s always loved the camera but recently he’s actually posing properly!

Disney World or Universal Studios?


Museum or to the zoo?

  Definitely the zoo!

Joggers or jeans:


Polo or tee?


What children’s Item of clothing are you not too fond of?

        I’ve never been a fan of dungarees (overalls). 

What ‘mama and me’ item would you rock?

        We love matching tees!

What’s your favorite children’s accessory and why? 

Again it’s difficult for boys as there’s not much choice but I think I’d have to say shoes. There’s lots available now so it’s easy to pair with your favorite outfit. He also has lots of different hats for the winter. 


Final thoughts on children's fashion, Cliqq or motherhood?

We love being part of the Cliqq family and are excited to see what the future brings for this fab brand! 


Follow Amy and Romans fashion journey on Instagram at @amygale1. Also, check out their Cliqq favs here now and more ways to save .