Top 3 Cliqq Looks From Ivan

by Cliqq Clothing on June 26, 2020

Ivan Zy'eir Leggett is the 3 year old son of Mr. & Mrs. Kenyon Leggett. They live in Mississippi.

Ivan is a fun-loving playful child. He enjoys playing with monster trucks, dinosaurs, watching tv and spending time with his parents. He also loves playing with his 2 dogs Kholi Bella and Kash K'dor  and 2 dogs.

He loves reading, learning new literacy and mathematics skills, and of course engaging in fun photo sessions!

He has been apart of 'the Cliqq' since  February 2020 and loves it. He loves Cliqq because it is one of his best brand rep opportunities ever! Everyone in the family has a chance to get involved in some way. Dad is the camera guy, mom is the editor/director and Ivan is the model. The dogs even get involved sometimes ! We also really love the engaging activities, friendly people we meet, fast shipping and the great quality children clothes.

Here are Ivan's top 3 fave Cliqq Picks:

1. NYC Ringer Graphic Tee with the Kace Cargo Shorts and a pair of Red Kids' Classic Sunglasses

Toddler Boy Outfit

2. Boys New York Ringer T-Shirt with the Gillian Striped Shorts and a Blue Unisex Braided Stretch Belt

Toddler Boy outfits

3. The Camdyn Presley Safari Green Boy Shirt with a pair of Kace Cargo Shorts

 toddler boy camp pants

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