Kids Fashion Radar: What’s Popular this Year?

by Cliqq Clothing on October 03, 2019


2019 Kids Fashion Trends



So what does 2019 Fall/Winter fashion have in store for children’s fashion? In a nutshell? An explosion of colors and patterns, vibrant and subtle combinations and some comeback queens!

We’ve taken the guess work out of it for you and selected the most popular trends to rock this season. Now you and your child can focus on having all the fun with styling this season!


Here, take a look:



From quirky and colorful floral prints to vivid watercolors, 3D floral applications and intricate embroidery, florals are all the rave in kids fashion this year. What we particularly love about it is that this trend allows both boys and girls to join the party!

Florals are a trending super-hit on the kids fashion radar. They have transitioned well from delicate summer outfits to warm jackets, snugly coats and pants. Whats more, kids are naturally drawn to florals because they are playful, fun and can give an outfit a powerful burst of vibrancy.

The spotlight is particularly on works inspired by impressionist art, children’s scribbles, floral drawings and water colored florals. These are all great for experimenting with. Naturally, little girls styles are more likely to experiment with floral art with 3D applications, exquisite brooches, sequins, rhinestones and much more. It is also worth noting that floristry is also a major theme in black tie and frocks for little girls this season. 


Fruity Punch

Fruity prints lined with tropical pineapples, colorful strawberries, and other fruits are the perfect trend to give your child a quirky ensemble that will definitely win their approval. As we all know, they’re the real bosses in the house!

Whilst the runway has shown us that florals can sometimes be incredibly dramatic, they can also be very refreshing. We love how it has been incorporated into children’s fashion this season. It is a fun print and, of course, we love fun and trendy kids styles! This may also be why fruit-inspired clothes really resonate with children. It allows them to express and freely explore their personality through their outfits. It can inspire bursts of positive energy, anything to help put your child in a good mood in the mornings. Let’s face it, we need all the help we can get to make that happen!



We adore fringes for little girls, but this year, even the boys get to flaunt sassy cowboy-inspired fringes with sturdy boots, jackets, coats and much more. Fringes are trending hot in women’s fashion, but this year, there is a great deal in store for children too!




    More Pink!

Pink has always been a favorite amongst kids. This year, pink has undergone an eclectic makeover. It has flooded the market with exciting shades of pink that are more and more appealing for little girls and boys. Isn’t that impressive?


Animal prints, classic denim, fake suede, colors in sweaters, and golds will also be making a come back this season so watch this space!


If theres one thing we can take away from all this fashion goodness it’s that Fall and Winter 2019 is about to be full of insanely cute and trendy pieces. As you know, at Cliqq, our approach is to always reflect current fashion in an affordable way so our current fall collection is definitely worth taking a peek at! Be sure to join our VIP mailing list as we unravel some fun and trendy styles for the season.