Kids Fashion Radar: What's Popular This Year?

by Cliqq Clothing on July 18, 2020

 Shopping for kids can always be tricky and it is always best to pick out a variety that appeals to them. Styles that are fun, trendy and comfy When clothes radiate vibrancy and energy, children are more attracted to them, and feel more confident when wearing them.

We’ve picked out the most popular trends to rock this season so your little one can feel even more confident  this season.

Here, take a look:


From quirky and colorful floral prints, to vivid watercolors, 3D floral applications and intricate embroidery, florals are all the rage in kids fashion this year, and this is a trend that allows both, boys and girls, to join the party!

Florals are trending super-hit on the kids fashion radar, and from summer outfits to warm jackets, snugly coats and pants, booming flowers, embroidered patterns, and delicate buds are all the rage. Kids adore these delightful floral prints with energetic color schemes that give their outfits a powerful burst of vibrancy.

Works inspired by impressionist art, children’s scribbles and floral drawings, and water colored florals are a trend that you must experiment with. Little girls can experiment with floral art emphasizes with 3D applications, exquisite brooches, sequins, rhinestones and much more. Floristry is a major theme in black tie and frocks for little girls.

Fruity Punch

Fruity prints lined with tropical pineapples, colorful strawberries, and other fruits are the perfect trend to give your child a quirky ensemble that will definitely win their approval. These delights are incredibly dramatic and eclectic with their burst of positive energy, perfect to put your child in a good mood on a bad morning.

Fruit-inspired prints, dresses, and tees are all the rage across the industry, and children are always eager to flaunt these outfits because of their infectious dose of adorableness. Luckily, our collection allows you to shop this trend in some insanely cute pieces, come, take a peek!


Little girls adore fringes, but this year, even the boys get to flaunt sassy cowboy-inspired fringes with sturdy boots, coats and much more. Fringes are trending hot in women’s fashion, but this year, they have a great deal in store for children.

More Pink!

Pink has always been a favorite amongst kids and little girls adore this color more than any other, but this year, pink has undergone an eclectic makeover. This has flooded the market with exciting shades of pink that are more appealing for little boys. Isn’t that amazing?




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