by Cliqq Clothing on February 24, 2019
Raise your hand if you’re the kind of mother who can spend an entire day looking at Pinterest. The cute photographs of matching mom and baby or matching baby and daddy outfits are just so adorable! The outfit coordination and background setup is usually super cute. So, what’s not there to like, right?
Well – you may be surprised to learn how many moms have split opinions on cute little mommy and baby outfits. Some find them totally heart-meltingly balling-your-eyes-out and a-thousand-awwws cute while others seem to think that all this matchy-matchy fashion can get a little too much sometimes. We, for one, think if done correctly, the matching mom and baby outfit trend can actually look really adorable, absolutely Instagram-worthy and deserves to be photographed, framed and put up on the living room’s wall.
If you’re looking for creative mom and baby matching outfit ideas – here are a couple that we totally approve and highly recommend you trying:
#1 The High Fashion Vibes
If want to match your outfit with your little girl, invest time and energy into more than just getting matching t-shirts. Animal print is in vogue for the season, get yourself and your little fashionista gorgeous dresses in same color and prints. Accessorize it with some luxe looking elegant accessories and send the world in an appreciation frenzy.
#2 Matching Checkered with Your Boy
Another runway approved fashion for Fall/Winter 2018-19 is the revival of retro checkered prints. Do you have a beautiful boy who you’d like to match your outfit of the day with? Well, get on board with some matching checkered shirts. Pair it with similar colored chinos, slide on sneakers and maybe some matching sunglasses for an additional touch of class.
#3 Wear Similar Print
This is a great option for those not wanting to go crazy overboard with the matching outfit trend but would love to give it ago? Pick an accent print and match only one piece of clothing with your child. Maybe just a skirt with the same print your daughter is wearing or a top or even the same headgear, as pictured, is a good balanced look.
Matching parent-child outfits would always be uber-cute, heartening and very special to us. We recommend you give them a go especially during the holiday season, at least once.
Hope you enjoyed these.
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