Royal Fashion: 4 Style Inspirations From Princess Charlotte.

by Cliqq Clothing on January 10, 2020

Princess Charlotte, like her beautiful and charmingly style-savvy mother Duchess Kate Middleton, never fails to make our hearts flutter with her adorable and beautifully put together statements.

In this article, we decided to offer moms some royal style inspiration by putting together 4 style inspirations from the insanely cute Princess Charlotte. These are looks that you can easily recreate for your little girls.

Here, take a look:


Printed Dresses

                     Princess Charlotte Floral Print Dress


Being a Royal, it's quite clear that Princess Charlotte isn’t one to compromise her comfort or luxury of fine quality cotton. Most of her social engagements and official photographs reveal her flaunting the most adorable floral printed dresses in subdued yet eclectic shades like blue, peach, pinks, and subtle reds. These dresses are perfect to allow a little girl the luxury of feeling comfortable in her skin, looking insanely adorable and the freedom of childhood fun.

Angelic White

Princess Charlotte White Dress

Plain white outfits with subtle hints of prints added through belts, footwear, hats and other accessories are another prominent trend in Princess Charlotte’s wardrobe that we just can’t stop fawning over. This is a strikingly lovely inspiration as all little girls look adorable and princess-like in angelic white dresses and gowns. These are a great idea for formal affairs, luncheons and other get-togethers.

Bold in Red

princess Charlotte in red

Even Princess Charlotte understands the cardinal rule of styling ‘when in doubt, wear red’, which is why she rocked this sharply tailored and bold red coat on her very first day of school. We have to admit, red is powerful and a lovely statement that encourages confidence in your growing girl. Red coats and outwear staples are a growing girl's closet delight and versatile enough to be layered with any given outfit.

The Princess is also fond of wearing red pumps, shoes and tights, which is another styling choice that we heartily approve!


Cozy Cardigans


princess Charlotte in a cardigan


Princess Charlotte has somewhat created her statement look with cropped snug cardigans featuring delicate buttons, paired against her lovely printed dresses. This look is utterly refreshing and comfortable, making her look like an adorable little girl. This is indeed one of our favorite looks from her closet, and it is a statement that all little girls can indulge in.

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