by Cliqq Clothing on December 16, 2018
We all try our hardest to stay up to date with the latest styles and trends. After all, looking fashionable takes a lot of time and effort. Nonetheless, in our attempt to keep up with the fashion world, we sometimes forget about the little children around us who depend on us for help on what to wear.
Whether it’s your little one, niece or nephew, children depend on the adults around them to guide their fashion choices. We put together this list of the upcoming children fashion trends so you can have a heads up as to what's to come and guide the little ones in your life.
1. Shiny Shoe
Shiny shoes have proven to be very popular with kids in the past. The upcoming trend in 2019 doesn’t refer to shoes with a whole lot of glitter on them. Instead, new shiny shoes have come to the market that is appealing to kids yet chic at the same time.
2. Cold Shoulder/Peek-a-boo tops
The cold shoulder trend has been around for a while now, but it has only now started to creep into the world of children’s fashion. Interesting takes on the cold shoulder design have allowed this trend to stay fresh and its popularity remains.
3. Geometric design
Geometric designs are a huge upcoming trend in the next year. Geometric designs on shirts and jackets have been very popular among children, especially young boys. More and more designers incorporated these designs in their kids’ line, and we even saw some on the runway.
4. Skater backpacks
Skater backpacks with unique designs are a popular accessory choice for children. Despite being an old design, their demand is still high. And, it seems like the perfect gift to get the little one if they have a thirst for adventure.
5. Mission statement tops
Mission statement tops have been the upcoming trend for a while and will continue to play a major role in upcoming children's fashion. They are a great versatile item of clothing to have in your child's closet.
These were just five of the numerous upcoming fashion trends for children. Follow us as we reveal more of what's to come and support you in keeping your children on-trend.