by Cliqq Clothing on January 06, 2019
“Do you wanna build a snowman?”
Winter is almost here! While the temperature dips lower and lower, it’s probably time to up your child’s wardrobe game. You can’t stop your kids from trying to build a snowman or ski, but you can ensure they stay warm all through winter with the right clothes and accessories. Here is a reminder of 7 winter accessories that will be a hit with the kids this winter.

1. Beanies

Beanies are great for keeping your young one warm. Brightly colored beanies are a must this winter for your little ones since children enjoy wearing bright colors. In recent years, designers are getting very creative, adding color, and style to children’s beanies so there's plenty to pick from on the fashion radar.

2. Gloves

Gloves are a necessity for both adults and kids in winter because they help keep our hands warm. You can spice up your child’s winter look with a pair of children’s glove that will not only keep your child’s hands warm but looking cute too! We love thats kid’s gloves are available in varying colors and textures. You can encourage their own fashion sense and let them pick which ones they like. Their personal input almost guarantees they will want to wear it all the time!

3. Neck warmers

What would winter be without neck warmers? These lifesavers are essential for your children this winter. They will not only warm up your child but also add some sass to whatever they wear. You can shop online or pop into any children’s store for some really affordable neck warmers for your kids. These are guaranteed to prepare them for the incoming blistering cold if it hasn't hit already.

4. Scarves

If you are not really into neck warmers, then you can choose scarves instead. Your big and little kid will look just as stylish with a scarf. Moreover, don’t forget that this will keep your little one warm and looking like a pro-fashion icon.

5. Hats

Winter hats have always been a hit in the fashion circle. Keep your kid looking trendy by getting them hats that will add some zest to their style and keep them warm all day! You could also try a headband if your little girl is not such a big fan of hats.

6. Berets

Of course, we love European style! A great way to incorporate it is by incorporating berets into your kid's winter look. Then stand back and marvel at how beautiful your child looks. It's a great winter accessory option because it keeps them protected from the cold but stylish at the same time. Berets are always a win-win.

7. Booties

Well, your child’s winter wears wouldn’t be complete without a pair of winter booties. With the wide selection of children’s booties available on the market, you can get your child a pair of adorable booties that keep them warm and looking adorable at the same two. We love booties for the cold winter nights!
With these winter accessories, you can bet your child will look super trendy and feel super cozy this winter!
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