The Perfect Occasion Dress: Three places to wear our Eva Gold Sequin Twirl Dress

by Cliqq Clothing on December 09, 2019

The Perfect Occasion Dress: Three places to wear our Eva Gold Sequin Twirl Dress

A little girl can never have too many dresses!

The holidays are in full swing! This means lots of family time, food and shopping for cute little outfits! Well, here's one less thing to worry about, we have the cute little outfit covered for your little girl! Our Eva Gold Sequin Twirl Dress will have her dressed to maximum cuteness for every occasion.

We love nurturing the development of her own sense of style and independence. So this cute gold sequin girls dress is for the little diva that loves the spotlight. It is available in size 3-8years and features gold sequins on a short-sleeved twirl style dress. It features an inside lining so she can enjoy the style and gilts without any discomfort. We love how the beautiful sequin layers come together perfectly to form a glitterific master-piece. Who dare say no to that!?

Here is a list of our top 3 places our Eva Gold Sequin Twirl Dress is perfect for.


1. A Christmas & New Years Dress

This fun and festive time of year means there are so many events in your little one’s calendar. As much as we love shopping it’s not always fun when you can’t find what you’re looking for. Well here is a dress that she is sure to fall in love with and you can tick off your to-get-list.


There’s nothing that screams festive-fun more than gold, sparkles and sequins all mixed in one! This social time of year necessitates an extra-ordinary dress and we’re not shy to say that our Eva Gold Sequin Twirl Dress ticks all the boxes. That special visit to Santa, Christmas photos, school Christmas party and those kids new years eve celebrations. She will be ready for all her photo-ops! 


It's not always easy to find a balance between comfort and style so we’re pleased to present this little number as an all-rounder. You focus on getting your Christmas party and fireworks displays ready because your little girls dress is ready for her. In our Eva Gold Sequin Twirl Dress, she will be the envy of the gathering and a conversion sparker.


2. Special Occasions Dress

Let’s face it, sometime’s your friendly three years old has a more active social life than you do. Whilst, the list is non-exhaustive, our Eva Gold Sequin Twirl Dress would most certainly be perfect for occasions like a wedding party, family photos, school party or even a best friends birthday party. It's comfy, great quality and non-restricting so she can wear it all day long. Be warned, she may never want to take it off.

                   Sequin Gold Twirl Dress

3. Birthday Dress

The Eva Gold Sequin Twirl Dress is unmistakably the perfect birthday dress for your little girl. It is classy and makes a statement. Pair this gold dress with some cute red sparkly shoes and a gold crown or bow and she is sure to feel like the princess she is all day! The loose twirl effect allows for free movement which means she will also be as comfortable as ever and can enjoy her special day playing with her friends and getting involved in all the fun. Then after her long memorable day, the easy-on-easy-off hidden back zipper makes it a breeze to take off. Now that's what you call the perfect mix of comfort and style!

                                       Eva Gold Sequin Twirl Dress


The Eva Gold Sequin Twirl Dress absolutely encompasses what Cliqq Clothing stands for; fun, comfort and quality style. We love how versatile this gold dress is. Whilst, the list can go on for the many occasions the Eva Gold Sequin Twirl Dress will be fitting for, there is no other dress quite like it. We’re proud that it brings together comfort and style so well and can’t wait to see your little princess in it. Shop this perfect occasion dress for her here today.


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