by Cliqq Clothing on September 09, 2018


Fall has no doubt arrived and winter will be here before we know it. With winter clothing, mothers have to be mindful of not only covering the basic garments but also warm cozy layers, gloves, scarves, boots, hats and what not. If you have a little princess at home who you love dressing up in cute little regal fashion outfits for the most part of the year – around winter season, maybe you could try something a little different.


A total reversal from regal princess gowns, dresses and pleated skirts – we are talking chic urban street style fashion trends for your little one here. For the school-going girls, this style of outfits is just easy to put together, comfy with lots of warm layering and it looks very refined and sophisticated – almost makes your little fashionista look like a Parisian model out in the streets.


Here are THREE trends we’re thinking you could try for the upcoming colder season:




#1 A Leather Jacket with Ruffles

Ruffles are feminine and vintage – and all thanks to Meghan Markle’s recent public appearances they now remind us of the royal dress code. If you’re swapping a dress or frock with a jeans and sweater outfit, get your little girl a black leather jacket with ruffles around the pockets and/or sleeves. The leather outerwear is perfect to shield her against the cold weather and would add a cute fashion statement as well.




#2 Embroidered Cuffed Jeans

Another way to add some colors to a street style inspired winter outfit for kids is to go with an embroidered pair of jeans. Vibrant, bold and colorful jeans are trending right now. If you want to mix things up a little, you can also go for jeans with block printing. Cuff the denim to give it an authentic Parisian fashion vibe. Also, accessorize the outfit with a cute wool scarf beautifully wrapped around her neck.




#3 A Checkered Jacket

This year’s winter fashion trends for kids and grownups are very reminiscent of the 80s fashion, which is why long checkered overcoats with embroidery are in vogue. A black and white checkered winter coat would be a great investment for your daughter – it’s warm and season appropriate, also it’s very easy to layer on top of simple blouse and trousers or a skirt and top.


These three fashion trends for the cold weather are very practical and hassle free. So, mommies you can stay stress-free whilst your little princess shines bright in her stylish outfits.