Top 3 Ways to Style Kids Camo Pants

by Cliqq Clothing on February 06, 2020

Boys camo pants are adorable and versatile, and they exude a sassy charm that looks incredible in baby outfits. Kid’s camo outfits are the ultimate styling secret to create a charming and chic look for your little one. Little boys tend to shy away from colorful hues and designs, but instead, tend to gravitate towards stand-out boyish statement pieces with rich colors and bold designs.

Boy’s camo pants are always a good investment because they are incredibly versatile and you can pair them up with over a dozen different staples to create a unique look each time. They can be used to flaunt tailored button-downs, basic tee-shirts, hoodies and more. From athletic leisurely looks to sassy street style statements, boy’s camo pants will certainly get your little one excited about getting dressed for the day.

In this article, we consider our top three exciting style statements to create adorable kid’s camo outfits. Each look is unique and can be rocked on different occasions.

Here, take a look:

Rock It With A Green Button-down.


Green tops and button-downs are an excellent pick to pair up with boy’s camo pants. They create an all-green color palette with rich military hues, which exude an energetic boyish charm. Since little boys and toddlers tend to shun colorful hues and accents, this is an outfit that will certainly get them excited.

The idea is to pair up a basic green top or button-down with camo pants and seal the look with a basic brown or black belt. You can always add another layer to give the outfit a sassy look. For instance, you can pair it up with a leather jacket, or a puffy bomber jacket with a darker tone.

Basic White Tee Shirt

 When it comes to creating adorable and functional kid’s camo outfits, it is sometimes a great idea to visit your child’s basics collection. Kids' basics can sometimes create a magical look when styled with a pair of kids' camo pants. A simple and basic kids' white tee shirt is the ultimate option to rock the rich color palette and design of camouflage pants. The basic white t-shirt will allow the pants to stand out and draw attention.

This is a sassy streetwear look that exudes charm with its simplicity. It can be rocked at school as a back to school outfit for kids and on fun playdates. If you want to add another layer, go for a puffy jacket or even a black or denim jacket.

Hoodie or Casual Jacket

Here’s an exciting style statement to give boy’s camo pants an energetic, athleisure appeal. The trick is to pair up the camo pants with a hoodie or a casual jacket. You can take out a basic green or neutral-hued hoodie and create an active statement. Or you can pair it up with a casual jacket, layered above a kids' basic t-shirt.

The statement you choose should depend on the occasion. Casual jackets are an ideal kids school outfit days and family get-togethers. While playdates and outings deserve the more energetic and athletic look of a casual hoodie. This style allows you to play around and experiment with different jackets and hoodies, as boys camo pants are incredibly versatile and look great with just about anything and everything!


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