by Cliqq Clothing on October 07, 2018
I don't know where you're reading this from right now but where I am it is beginning to feel a lot like winter. So it's time to start thinking about wrapping our little ones up in style!
Capsule wardrobes are huge these days. From Hollywood celebrities to rock stars to fashion editors and bloggers – every influential personality in the fashion industry is advocating in favor of building up a sustainable, timeless wardrobe and ditching the fast fashion trend. And when something is in vogue and all the grownups are doing it, your little one shouldn’t miss out on it either. Besides, building up a capsule wardrobe for your kid would allow you to invest only on key pieces that you know your child would get the most use out of. In return, you can save the money you’d have otherwise spent on items that really don’t matter.
Today, under spotlight are some staples that you need for a boy’s winter capsule wardrobe.
#1 T-shirts in Half Sleeves
From toddlers and preschoolers to fifth-graders – you can easily work around the season with four basic excellent quality t-shirts in basic colors such as black, navy, maroon and charcoal.
#2 Full Sleeves T-shirts
You need to have at least three shirts with full sleeves for the fall to winter transitional season. This time, get some pieces with cool graphics on it.
#3 Sweatshirts
All hail the Athleisure fashion, sweatshirts are quite high on the fashion radar right now. You may want to grab two sweatshirts – one with some cool graphics and the other a plain basic one.
#4 A Collared Shirt
Checkered print is in fashion so we suggest you get a bright shirt in red or maroon checkered print. Your boy can wear it on top of a t-shirt or under a jacket.
#5 Joggers
Keeping up with the Athleisure fashion trend, get at least two pairs of joggers for everyday outfits.
#6 A Thermal T-shirt
For the days when one layering isn’t just enough you need to have a neutral thermal t-shirt handy. Anything simple in black or charcoal would do.
#7 A Bomber Vest
A sleeveless bomber jacket or vest is a must-have winter staple for your boy to wear indoors or under a long coat when it’s really cold outside.
#8 A Long Overcoat
An absolute essential for those bitterly cold winter days out. A long overcast gives a sophisticated and modern look to every outfit and never goes out of style.
Hope you enjoyed these.
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