Welcome to the Cliqq!

 Cliqq is a mom-run children’s clothing boutique that offers kids clothes that are fun, fresh and functional. We focus on offering styles that your little one is comfortable in but that also makes mom-life a little easier!


How do we do that you ask?

Well we do this in a few ways including: 

  • Carefully selecting styles and and designs that are practical and functional. So we consider things like the practical placements of a zipper or snaps as oppose to buttons on some baby items, for example.
  • We offer clothes that that are fun enough to be your child’s daily go to style to make getting them dressed int he mornings a little easier.
  • Our clothes inspire kids to get involved and creative with their choices. Our playful and fun prints means an outfit will always come together even when a toddler is mixing and matching.
  • We have Cliqqmoms who contribute to the deciding what styles you see in our online store. Contact us if you would like to join in the voting.
  • We offer styling guides through what we call the ‘perfect pair’ to help you identify what styles might pair well together. Most items are recommended with something that pairs perfectly. Often in our product descriptions you will see suggested styling options to help make building your child’s fun and trendy closet a lot smoother. 


A CliqqKid is always on trend but comfortable. CliqqKids believe they can take on the world because they have full confidence in their fun outfits; whether it's taking their first step or celebrating their birthday there’s a CliqqFit for that!


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